The portrait of Zella Brown is purchasable as a limited edition print; more inoformation is available below.

Zella Brown was born in Denham Springs, LA, on May 12, 1914. She was diganosed with the tuberculoid type of Hansen's disease (leprosy) at very young age. Her home became the Gillis W. Long National Center for Hansen's Disease, or better known as Carville.

One of her greatest attributes was her faith of and love of community through her church in Denham Springs, where she attended church services for years. In late years, the pastor came to visit her at the Center at Carville and supported her with uplifting prayer and spiritual sessions.

When photojournalists would visit, she loved to have her picture taken, regardless of how famous they were. Zella always told them how and where to take her photo as she states, " . . . because this one time this man photographer came to shoot my picture and it was very good." I can only hope that I am that man photographer, and that this is the image that she might have been referring to.

This photograph is available as gelatin silver print on double weight, fiber paper, as a 7" x 7" and as a 15" x 15" prints, in editions of 1 to 35.

Respectfully, limiited, 30" x 30" prints, in an edition of 1 to 10 are also available. For specific inquiries on pricing please fill out the form on my "contacts" page.